Laura Wellness Centre: harmony and aromatherapy for a clear head

Laura Wellness Centre: harmony and aromatherapy for a clear head

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We all know how awful everyday stress can be, and unfortunately we live in the age of stress. Not to mention the unhealthy moments when we take refuge in social media, large amounts of sweets, alcohol or cigarettes, which at the moment seem to relax us, but actually contribute to the deterioration of health. We’ve already started treating stress as normal, but it shouldn’t be. Your mental health should be at the top of your priorities!

Put your mental health first

The only way you can get rid of everyday stress (which, by the way, starts with your own brain) is to find ways to relax. There are many ways to clear the mind, such as playing a sport, reading or even art. But let me introduce you to another miracle treatment for stress that I personally adore with all my heart: aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy… what exactly does it mean?

I strongly believe that the solution to any problem exist in nature, because the Universe has given us everything we need to realize our existence. Aromatherapy uses aromatic plant materials and plant oils, including essential oils, and other flavor compounds to improve psychological or physical well-being. Aromatherapy is used as a complementary therapy or as a form of alternative medicine.

Recently, I discovered this field with the help of Laura Wellness Center, a minimalist and compassionate brand, with carefully crafted aromatherapy products. At Laura Wellness Center, the emphasis is on wellness and inner peace, and all oils and sprays are made from natural and pure products, often used in Reiki therapy.

But what is Reiki?

Reiki is a Divine energy sourced from the Superior Consciousness, being characterized by love, harmony and healing. Reiki energy raises the vibration of the cells it reaches, helping them to shift from the negative frequencies of illness and disease, to the positive state of health and vitality.

Therefore, combining two powerful and natural therapies (Reiki and Aromatherapy), our products are designed to help you return to wellness. 

Your wellbeing is our priority.

Personally, I love the products in the Roll-Ons range for their calming, relaxing effect, which increases the power of concentration. You can also enjoy the benefits of the Bath Salts, Pillow Spray or Room Spray.

Where can these products be found? Right HERE!

They also offer Psychology, Psychotherapy, Reiki Counseling therapy, Crystal therapy and Aromatherapy services face to face in their Worcester Office, but also online. More details on

That being said, I wholeheartedly recommend it and I invite you to follow the Instagram account, where you will find very useful posts about mind, soul and personal development.

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